Rehoming Film Cameras

I love seeing old cameras and gear find new homes where they can get a second life(or third or fourth…)



All of our cameras have been tested and looked over thoroughly. All parts and functions work as intended unless otherwise specified in the listing.

Film Tested

Every Camera is tested with film since you can't absolutely know whether a camera is functioning properly without seeing the developed images.


Cameras and gear are repaired where needed. This may be a broken part replaced or moving parts cleaned and oiled.

Cleaned Up

It is wonderful that we still have such old cameras around still working today! Often they could really use a good clean, and that is what we do with your new-old camera.




sourced by zenzalogue

Need help finding a film camera perfect for you? Commission Zenzalogue to hunt down and source a camera based on your needs. You may have a specific brand and model chosen already, or may not know where to start. Just reach out and I can help you re-home the film camera for you.

*sourced cameras go through the same quality control process as every other camera we sell

photos from our cameras​